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Discover Free Classes and Educational Opportunities

Free classes and educational opportunities ensure residents receive the resources to stay safe and feel empowered. These learning experiences are sponsored by the District and are free to individuals and families residing in the District. 


Learn more about available educational opportunities and find the latest class dates and times

Babysitting Preparedness Class

Help teens navigate any emeregency situation they might face while babysitting. Sign up for babysitting preparedness classes to help teens learn crucial safety skills.

Safe Kids Sleeping

Expectant parents know to place babies on their backs while sleeping. This course teaches parents other safety guidelines for the crib and beyond.

CPR Classes

Learning CPR is an important life-saving technique. The District offers free CPR classes for residents.

Sharps Container Disposal Service

Needles cannot be tossed in the trash. Learn where to properly dispose of sharps containers in Jefferson County.

First Aid Classes

Know what to do in case of an emergency or injury. First aid classes teach skills like wound compression, how to make a splint, and more.

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