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CPR Classes

Free Classes

Learning CPR is an important life-saving technique. The District offers free CPR classes for residents.

CPR Classes

Main Contact

Main Location

Administration Office:

3131 Rock Creek Rd. High Ridge, MO 63049

Administration Hours:

8:00am - 4:00pm

Operational Personnel:

24/7, 365 Days

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Learning cardiopulmonary rescusitation (CPR) saves lives. There are several techniques for administering CPR, but the most common technique involves chest compressions combined with rescue breaths. CPR allows for the individual to help breathe for a patient (or victim). Compressions help to encourage the heart into a natural normal rhythm, while the rescue breaths provide live-saving oxygen when indivudals are not breathing independently.

CPR buys time and helps improve survival. Administering CPR provides the life-saving aid to resuscitate patients, allowing EMS teams to respond with more intense intervention and care management.

North Jefferson County Ambulance District offers free CPR classes for residents. Check the site for updated class schedules and sign up to learn the correct procedures for administering this emergency medical technique.

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