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First Aid Classes

Free Classes

Know what to do in case of an emergency or injury. First aid classes teach skills like wound compression, how to make a splint, and more.

First Aid Classes

Main Contact

Main Location

Administration Office:

3131 Rock Creek Rd. High Ridge, MO 63049

Administration Hours:

8:00am - 4:00pm

Operational Personnel:

24/7, 365 Days

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First aid classes teach individuals how to handle and take charge during a variety of emergency situations. During a medical emergency, bystanders may panic if they do not know how to properly react and respond. These classes provide instruction on the necessary medical steps required to aid individuals experiencing a potential poisoning, a heart attack, stroke, diabetes emergency, severe bleeding, a severe allergic reaction, and other emergency situations.

Instructors from the District provide step-by-step instructions on how to best respond to each situation. Participants learn how to check airways, create and apply a tourniquet, how to identify a potential stroke, etc. This class does not provide formal certifications; it is meant to empower and allow participants to understand the proper medical responses during emergency situations.

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