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Safe Kids Sleeping

Free Classes

Expectant parents know to place babies on their backs while sleeping. This course teaches parents other safety guidelines for the crib and beyond.

Safe Kids Sleeping

Main Contact

Main Location

Administration Office:

3131 Rock Creek Rd. High Ridge, MO 63049

Administration Hours:

8:00am - 4:00pm

Operational Personnel:

24/7, 365 Days

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North Jefferson County Ambulance District partners with Cardinal Glennon to offer Safe Sleep and baby safety classes for new and expectant parents. These classes teach parents safe sleeping practices at home and in the car; stomach sleeping, plush pillows, and blankets can increase the risk of suffocation.

Safety classes also help parents learn proper techniques for administering infant CPR and instruct them on how to clear infant airways during choking emergencies. Safe Kids reports that improper installation impacts the protective support of more than half of all child restraint systems; for this reason, parents also receive detailed instructions about safe car seat installation.

The team at NJCAD also offers car seat inspections for families who want to ensure that their child's seat is properly installed.

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