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DIY First Aid Kit: What Does a First Aid Kit Have In It?

A DIY First Aid Kit

As winter weather approaches, all individuals must prepare for emergencies related to bad weather. Keep a first aid kit in each car that includes the necessary items for any situation. While many retailers sell a prepacked first aid kit, creating a DIY first aid kit ensures that individuals create a kit that meets their unique needs.

What does a first aid kit have in it? Learn what to pack and be prepared for any emergency.

What are 10 Items in a First Aid Kit?

For first aid kits that will be stored in the car, there are several items that individuals must include. Consider the different types of emergencies when creating a kit. While no one wants to think about an emergency, preparing for the situation leads to empowerment. 

The Red Cross recommends keeping these items in a DIY emergency kit:

  1. Bandages 

  2. Gauze and tape

  3. Blankets

  4. Aspirin 

  5. Flashlight (plus extra batteries)

  6. Hydrocortisone ointment (for stings and rashes)

  7. Alcohol wipes (to sterilize a wound)

  8. Antibiotic ointment

  9. Thermometer

  10. Tweezers

The first aid kit also should include a few doses of any necessary medications. A jug of water and snacks also should be included in the kit. Keep the water jug wrapped in a blanket to minimize the risk of freezing. 

How Much is a First Aid Kit?

Creating a DIY first aid kit allows individuals to customize it for their needs. The kit must be comprehensive to ensure that it includes all the necessary items, but individuals do not need to invest in expensive products for a comprehensive kit.

Stores like Dollar Tree offer low-cost first aid supplies, and individuals also can choose generic store brand products to save money on the cost of creating a first aid kit. 

What to Put in a Car First Aid Kit?

First aid kits for the car should include all the necessary items and a few additional emergency items, too. Pack a fire extinguisher in the car and purchase a tool to break car windows to aid escape. 

In case of a car emergency, drivers should keep the following items in their vehicles:

  • Jumper cables

  • Tire jack

  • Spare tire

  • Emergency blankets

  • Shovel

  • Paper towels

  • Winter gear (gloves, hat, scarf, etc.)

  • Extra oil

  • Antifreeze

  • Cell phone charger

Drivers also should pack for other weather emergencies beyond snow and cold. Include an umbrella or a rain poncho; this keeps individuals dry when they need to change a tire in the rain. During the hot summer months, always pack extra water. 

How to Get an EpiPen for a First Aid Kit

Individuals with severe food or other allergies require an EpiPen to treat a life-threatening reaction. Doctors should supply their patients with an EpiPen as part of an emergency kit. Always keep a spare EpiPen in the car in case of a sudden allergic reaction.

As EpiPens require a medical prescription, individuals without a spare pen should talk to their doctor to ensure they have an emergency dose.

Other Items for a First Aid Kit

Individuals might pack additional items in their car kit that address specific emergencies. For example, some individuals pack a life vest or another flotation device. Wired also recommends packing reflective emergency car triangles.

When creating an individualized DIY kit, consider different situations and remember to include any prescription medication doses.

Take a First Aid Course with North Jefferson County Ambulance District

Packing a car first aid kit prepares individuals for all types of emergencies, and taking a first aid course empowers individuals to handle these unique and unexpected situations. North Jefferson County Ambulance District offers first aid courses to residents that help them learn proper wound care techniques, what to do when experiencing a heart attack or stroke, how to manage a diabetic emergency, and other first aid tips and guidance. Sign up for a free first aid course through the District and explore other classes, too. 

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