Dedication, Compassion, Teamwork

North Jefferson County EMS

3131 Rock Creek Road
High Ridge, MO 63049

(636) 677-3399

Station 2 is located at 1130 Gravois Rd., Fenton, Missouri. This location houses one 24-hour Advanced Life Support Ambulance which handles emergencies from this location. Response area HWY 30 and Summit to HWY 30 & Dillion to near HWY 44 to Saline and Diehl, up Old Sugar Creek to Rock Creek. 

Our district was established in 1975, its comprised of 32 square miles with approximately 36,000 residents. We are tax supported with a 1/2 cent sales tax of which we roll 50% off of our property tax rates our community members. for the 2021 year we rolled back 0.1814 setting our General Rate at 0.2695 of our allowed ceiling of 0.4947.

We are governed by an elected board of 6 members, administration consist of a Chief, Chief Financial Officer and Claims Specialist, leadership has three Captains, there are three crews each with four paramedics, we have a total of 16 fulltime and 25 part time employees comprised of the highest trained professionals to ensure our patients receive the very best treatment.